Monday, March 12, 2018

Peace and Dab

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Lucas and Olivia!

This week in Math: We are practicing tests for MEA on our iPads.
And we are doing order of operations (PEMDAS).

Writing: We are writing opinion essays.

Reading: We are continuing with our biography books
(We are/were, who was).

Science/Social Studies: We are filling out our
March Mammal Madness brackets.
We are using our iPads to do research and figure out which
animal wins over the other.
(For example, Solenodon vs Water Deer,
Palaeoloxodon vs Homo floresiensis)

Other/Announcement: Don’t forget, Monday is the audition for
Yarmouth Got Talent! Good luck contenders!!
We are having fun with our March Madness Challenges.

Friday, March 2, 2018

News reporters! 21st week

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Iggy and Zofia!!

This week in Math: We are still working on parentheses and
PEMDAS with number stories.
(Parentheses, exponent, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction)

In Writing: We are writing opinion pieces.
Also, we are working on more persuasive writing on our own.

In Reading: We are continuing to read “Who was/is?” Books.
(Biography books)

In Science/Social Studies: We are starting a new unit which is
about Space/Solar System. We did a virtual reality tour of space
in the computer lab. We saw planets, comets, asteroids,
Milky Way, and the International Space Station.

Other/Announcement: We just got back from a long and
exciting break!
We had a “Read Across America” community meeting first thing
on Friday morning. All students gathered in the gym and read
for 15 minutes and Mrs.Clark read us a poem.

We are also starting March Madness! This is something where
you have different challenges every day and try to get points
and try to pass the muddy month of March! We are also doing
March Mammal Madness.
We paired up with Mr. Abbott’s to research animals.

Happy Weekend!!!
Iggy and Zofia signing out!!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Before Vacation Blog

This Week’s Bloggers of the Week
Elise and Jack
(This is what we did before winter break)

In math, we learned about parentheses. It is similar to a comma in
writing. You do whatever is inside parentheses first.
We did problems like this:  

In writing, we wrote compliments for people.
We finished a class opinion/persuasive writing piece
about why we should have a class Bingas/pizza movie party.

In reading, we are reading “Who Was?” books for our wax
museum project at the end of the year. These books are biographies.
We are reading about The Beatles as a class.

In science/social studies we did LEGO Wedo where we build
something out of Legos and program it to move or make noise.
Check out the video!

On Wednesday, we had a Valentines Day party!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Think of this title.

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Gracie and Ayah!!

This week in Math: We played “Beat the calculator” and worked on our
Fact Power. We also learned multiplication and division strategies.
We reviewed our work sheet and used our extra math app on our iPads too.

In Writing: We each worked on book reviews and exercises on persuasive
writings which was about trying to persuade Miss Frame to have a Binga’s,
pizza and movie party! We also wrote our book review in our writers
notebook and recorded on our Seesaw.

In Reading: We changed our reading groups and learned about
biography books. Miss Frame read biography books about Martin Luther
King (Martin’s Big Words), Rachel Carson and Houdini. We also did some
silent reading. Ms.Wetmore’s class came in for a Read Aloud too.

In Social Studies: We did The United States crossword puzzles, colored
The US map and worked on our Maine packet/template.

Other/Announcements: We all enjoyed Mystery Skype on Friday!!
(We ended up Skyping with students in Texas.)

Wednesday was a half day due to snow.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Go Patriots!

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Avi, Barbara and Hagen!

This week in math: We played baseball multiplication. We also
started unit 6. We reviewed trading subtraction.

In writing: We started a new project, which was about Maine.

In reading: We finished our nonfiction packets about elephants.
We started learning and reading a little bit about poetry.

In social studies: We learned about longitude and latitude.
We finally had our presentation of our country project “Tour Of The
World!” Thank you for coming to see it!

Other/Announcements: Today was Bohdi’s birthday (Mr. Abbott’s class)
and his sister came in to teach us about China.

We had wacky socks day last Friday and Spirit day today!
The Superbowl is this weekend.

Go Pats!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Enjoy your weekend!

This week’s bloggers of the week are…
Lucy and Garrett!

This week in Math: We learned multiples of 3s and 4s. We also reviewed for
our test by playing ZAP! (a jeopardy game.)

In Writing: We continued to work on our slideshows about our country
project. We also did “My Teacher Is Missing” creative writing on
the day Miss Frame was out.

In Reading: We read the book called “The Little Ship” which was
a narrative non-fiction. We also finished our nonfiction unit
and look a test about polar bears and penguins.

In Science/Social studies: We worked on our continent
activity on Seesaw.


Country Projects are due: Monday, January 29th

Our Tour of the World Celebration will be on: Thursday, February 1st.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This Week's News Report!

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Annaliese and Wilder!

In Math: We are learning a new unit about fractions. We learned about
equivalent fractions. We have also been practicing our multiplication facts!

In Writing and Social Studies: We have been researching our countries.
We each made slideshows about our country project on our iPads.

In reading: We learned about pop out sentences and we also learned
about elephants. We are practicing reading non-fiction.

Other/Announcements: We had a guest (Matt Hoidal) in class on
Friday and learned about “World Of Change.” We each were given a
pouch that can hold change (money) and we can choose which of 6 jars
(housing, food, health, financial literacy, childhood literacy and play) we
want to put the change into.

Country Projects are due: Monday, January 29th
Our Tour of the World Celebration will be on: Thursday, February 1st