Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This Week's News Report!

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Annaliese and Wilder!

In Math: We are learning a new unit about fractions. We learned about
equivalent fractions. We have also been practicing our multiplication facts!

In Writing and Social Studies: We have been researching our countries.
We each made slideshows about our country project on our iPads.

In reading: We learned about pop out sentences and we also learned
about elephants. We are practicing reading non-fiction.

Other/Announcements: We had a guest (Matt Hoidal) in class on
Friday and learned about “World Of Change.” We each were given a
pouch that can hold change (money) and we can choose which of 6 jars
(housing, food, health, financial literacy, childhood literacy and play) we
want to put the change into.

Country Projects are due: Monday, January 29th
Our Tour of the World Celebration will be on: Thursday, February 1st

Friday, December 15, 2017

December 15th!

This week’s bloggers of the week are Tyler and Alyosha!

In Math: We learned about perimeter and area.
For example,
P (perimeter)= The length of the outside of a shape,
A (area)= The square unit of the inside of a shape.

In Writing: We did a writing prompt to see how much we’ve learned
so far this year. We also made a mini project called “Best Part Of Me”
and took a picture of the favorite part of our body.

In Reading: We are finding the main idea and details when reading
nonfiction. An article we read was called
“Weird But Wonderful Octopuses.”

Social studies: We started working on our country project at home.
We each have chosen a different country to study on and we will have
a presentation in February. We also started a packet called
“Where In The World Is Yarmouth?”

Other/Announcement: We went rock climbing at the high school
on Wednesday. We each climbed about 8-10 times with the help
of 4 high school students and a coach.
Check out the rock climbing video!!

We also watched the winter concert at the gym on Friday.

Thank you to those who have donated for our third grade holiday rotations!
Please bring in donations by Monday.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Super Girls!

This week's bloggers of the week are... Eliza and Zofia!

In math: We measured a lot of objects with rulers. We also learned about the names of shapes, such as quadrilaterals and nonagons. 

In writing: We finished writing our mini-expert books.

In reading: we are reading books about countries so we can choose our top 3 countries for our future project. We are also continuing to read "The One and Only Ivan" as a chapter book. 

Social Studies: We browsed through different countries each day so that we can make a decision on which country to work on for our future project. 

Other/Announcement: We have been working on cursive handwriting. We also have been working on our Words Their Way sorts. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

December 1st!

This week’s bloggers of the week are...
Emma and Jack!

In math: We learned the commutative property of multiplication. (Example 2x4=4x2)

In writing: We started our nonfiction writing unit. We are working on mini expert books.

In reading: We read lots of nonfiction books and articles.

In social studies: We learned about Pangaea (all of the continents together.) Next week, we are starting our big country project.

Other/Announcement: We have a new friend in class from this week. Welcome to room 102 Hagen!!

We also had a community meeting about kindness and donating to the Yarmouth food pantry.

Thank you, Mrs. Leeder, for helping us with this blog post! 

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Amazing Bloggers!

This week’s bloggers of the week are Elise and Morgan!

In math: We learned counting up subtraction and trading subtraction. (You can check our latest recording post on the seesaw app.)

In writing: We finished up our personal narrative so we are 99% ready for our publishing party on Monday! We also made “I am thankful” poems and made turkey crafts for Thanksgiving.

In reading: We began reading a new read-aloud book called “The One and Only Ivan”. We also completed our character unit and had a reading test.

In science/social studies: we played landform bingo and cut out landform names and meanings.

Other/Announcements: We are hosting the publishing party on Monday and we will be watching “Because Of Winn Dixie” on Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who donated food for our Winn-Dixie party.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

November 9, 2017

This week’s bloggers of the week are…
Iggy and Olivia!

In math: We learned how to play “What’s my rule” and find patterns in numbers. We also worked on partial-sums addition to add larger sums together.

In Writing: We worked on revising and editing our personal narratives. We have been working hard for some time! We are almost done!

In Reading: We finished reading Because Of  Winn Dixie and voted on our next read-aloud book. Our class voted for The One and Only Ivan!

In Science/Social Studies: We studied about fossils and landforms. Some of our favorite landforms are caves, beaches, canyons, cliffs, and estuaries!

Other important announcements: We are celebrating Veterans Day! Yay! We did an activity to celebrate our Veterans. No school tomorrow because of Veteran’s Day on Saturday.

We will have a publishing party on
Monday, November 20th (2:30 - 3:15.)

Have a great, long weekend!
Thank you Veterans!

Thank you to Mrs. Leeder for helping us type up our first blog post!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Safari Live!

Be sure to ask your child about our safariLIVE with South Africa today! We went live with expert guides from the Djuma Game Reserve in Kruger Park, South Africa.  We were able to ask questions for the guides to answer and saw many different animals. (I’ll let the kids tell you which ones.) It was a blast!