Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Our last blog of the year!

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Hagen and Gracie!!

This week in Math: It was the last math lesson and last HOMEWORK!!
(We threw our math homelink book in the recycling bin!!)
We also played the math game called ZAP and practiced our
multiplication facts with flash cards. **Multiplication facts will be
very important to know for fourth grade math.

In Writing: We finished up biographies!! We also adapted fairy tales!!
We wrote a personal narrative about our lives.

In Reading: Mysteries!! We played a mystery memory game and
mystery vocab word sort! We also read a bunch of mystery
read alouds and had to solve the crimes!

Other Announcements: Grandparents Day was on Friday!!
We had a blast with our grandparents and our Wax Museum
was a success!  

This was our last Blogger of the Week
for the school year! A Special thanks to
Mrs. Leeder for helping our Bloggers
type and take pictures!
Thank you so much, Mrs. Leeder!!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Wilder and Lucy!!

This week in Math: We have been busy with all sorts of tests such as
MAP testing and our Unit 8 cumulative assessment.
Mr. Abbott’s class also joined us for math games one day!  

In Writing: We are reading many fairytales and we are looking
forward to writing our own fairytales.

In Reading: We started our mystery unit. For read-aloud, we are reading
A to Z mystery series - “The Absent Author.”
We also did MAP testing for reading.

In Science/Social Studies: We worked with Mrs.Landry and made
LED light circuits.
We finished our biography speeches and are trying to memorize
them for the wax museum.

Other/Announcements: We are excited for the end of the year activities.
We are also excited for grandparents day!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May the 4th!

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Aloysha, Ayah and Annaliese!

This week in Math: We learned about prisms, faces and bases.
We did the end of the unit assessment on Unit 8. We also played
“factor bingo”.

In Writing: We are learning about Fairytales to write a fairytale ourselves.
We made an adaptation of Cinderella.

In Reading: We are finishing our class read aloud “Ruby Holler.”
We also practiced for the NWEA test in groups.

In Science/Social Studies: We continued to learn about energy
in the computer lab with Mrs. Landry.
We are typing the biography speeches. Some people who are done
typing are trying to memorize the speech.

Other/Announcement: We went on a field trip to Osher Map Library
on Thursday and we saw some old globes and maps which
looked different from the ones now.

Today (Friday) was a “Lunch Hero Day” so we went and
thanked the lunch ladies and gave them a card each.
We are going to have a community meeting at the end of the day
today (Friday) and are going to participate on A.C.E.S.

Today is also Star Wars Day. May The Fourth (Force) Be With You!

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Week after April Vacation

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Barbara and Garrett!

This week in Math: We started Unit 8 which is a multiplication unit
(Practice, extended facts, factor pairs). We made fraction shapes and
fraction number lines, which we put on Seesaw. We also did an area name
project. (Picture below).

In Writing: We worked on our biography speeches and also made an
Earth Day project.

In Reading: On Monday and Tuesday, we read outside in the garden!
We started a new Read-aloud book which is “Ruby Holler”.
The book groups finished their books.

In Science/Social Studies: We went to the computer lab and learned
about energy.

Other/Announcement: We hope everyone had a wonderful
April vacation!!
On Thursday, we went around the school to pick up trash
for Earth Day.
“Jump rope for heart” has been going on and Ms. Pachuta and Mrs. Spellman
are collecting the envelopes until Wednesday.
We have 8 more weeks of school this year!

We also have a field trip to the Osher Map Library on Thursday (May 3rd).

Monday, April 9, 2018

Fun in the Sun!

This week’s bloggers of the week are...
Morgan and Emma!!

This week in Math: We are continuing with fractions on a number
line and comparing fractions as well. We finished
up the unit with a test on Friday.

In Writing: We are wrapping up with our opinion essay and
also making a survey for classmates about our opinions.

In Reading: We are finishing up our biography books, researching,
and putting the information into our speech for the wax museum project.
(Coming in May!)

Science/Social Studies: We are working on our planet packets
and learning more about the solar system.

Other/Announcements: We had the winner for the “March Mammal
Madness” which was a Pygmy Hippo!!

This week was “Spirit Week” so we wore different themed
clothes every day.

Monday: Inside Out Day
Tuesday: Clipper Day
Wednesday: Hat Day
Thursday: Rainbow Day
Friday: Beach Day

Friday, March 30, 2018


This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Avi and Eliza!!

This week in Math: We had our math MEA test on Tuesday and Wednesday.
We are continuing with fractions on 0 to 2 number line.

In Writing: We are finishing our first draft of the persuasive writing and
started to type in our iPads and revising.

In Reading: We are finishing up with our biography books. Wednesday,
we began with our packets for our wax museum project.

In Science/Social Studies: We are finishing with our solar system poems.

Other/Announcement: We are having “Binga’s Winga’s, Pizza And
Movie Party” today! (We are watching “Meet The Robinsons.”)
We are continuing with March Mammal Madness.

We are done with the MEA test for this year! Yay!

Thank you to Mr. Altman and everyone donated to our party! :)

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Amazing Tyler and Amos!

This week’s bloggers of the week are:
Tyler and Amos!

This week in Math: We reviewed fractions with fraction strips.
We are learning fractions on a 0 to 2 number line.

In Writing: We are continuing our opinion writing essay.
We are revising and editing our opinion pieces.

In Reading: We have made a list of 3 people on a paper to
research for the wax museum project and decided
on 1 person at the end.

In Science/Social Studies: We are doing a unit on the solar system.
We did a quiz called “Kahoot!” with Mr.Abbot’s class.
We also did fact finder sheet to help us practice with “Kahoot!”.

Other/Announcement: We are going to watch “Yarmouth Got Talent”
this afternoon in the gym.

We are in the process of taking the MEA test. We finished
Reading and Language so far and we will have Math and Writing
next week. We are also continuing with March Mammal Madness.