Overview of Third Grade

Overview of 3rd Grade

Daily mini-lessons followed by guided practice
Guided Reading/Literature Groups
Author/Genre Studies
Comprehension Toolkit
Independent Reading
Reader’s Theater
Daily Read Aloud Time
Reading Centers
Nightly Reading
Phonics/Word Study

Daily mini-lessons followed by guided practice
Notebook writing

Everyday Math Program
Problem solving
Fact practice/Xtramath

Our spelling program is Words Their Way. "WTW" is an individualized approach that focuses on the skills each child needs to develop into a stronger speller. The third grade spelling goal is to have the students write the grade 3 priority words correctly in their daily writing by the end of the school year.  Throughout the year, the kids will be introduced to a larger group of words known as core words.  Students will be exposed to these words, and they will be “recycled” during the year through a variety of activities, as well as during the end of the week spelling check-ins. There will also be optional vocabulary/spelling challenges for students.

There are six social studies/science themes that we will be studying this year.  If you have any resources or expertise in any of the following areas, please contact me!

Sound, Geology, Geography, Economics, Moon/Space, Biographies

Third Grade Learning Standards:

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