Thursday, November 9, 2017

November 9, 2017

This week’s bloggers of the week are…
Iggy and Olivia!

In math: We learned how to play “What’s my rule” and find patterns in numbers. We also worked on partial-sums addition to add larger sums together.

In Writing: We worked on revising and editing our personal narratives. We have been working hard for some time! We are almost done!

In Reading: We finished reading Because Of  Winn Dixie and voted on our next read-aloud book. Our class voted for The One and Only Ivan!

In Science/Social Studies: We studied about fossils and landforms. Some of our favorite landforms are caves, beaches, canyons, cliffs, and estuaries!

Other important announcements: We are celebrating Veterans Day! Yay! We did an activity to celebrate our Veterans. No school tomorrow because of Veteran’s Day on Saturday.

We will have a publishing party on
Monday, November 20th (2:30 - 3:15.)

Have a great, long weekend!
Thank you Veterans!

Thank you to Mrs. Leeder for helping us type up our first blog post!

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