Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Friday!

“Whiteboard Work” and Happy Friday!

This week we added “whiteboard work” to our morning routine. With only fifteen quick minutes before we head to our special each day, this addition has been a wonderful way to set the tone for the entire school day. We share our thoughts at closing circle at the end of each day! Here are the “whiteboard work” topics of the week:

My favorite of the week: “What will you do, today, to spread kindness?” Some examples the kids came up with are:
“Give compliments”
“I play with them”
“Have chats with them”
“Tell jokes”
“Being nice to people”
“Hold the door”
“Say sorry and don’t be mean to other people”
“I try to make them feel welcome”
“I care when someone gets hurt”
“Be kind”
“Play with my little sister and make her happy”
“Get things someone can’t get”
“Include people”
“Help someone off the ground”
“Ask if they want to play”
“Say good morning to everybody”
“Help people”
“Sit with them at lunch”
“Help somebody on the slide”
“Smile at someone”
“Say ‘that is cool’ if they are drawing”
“Say kind words”

Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if everyone did these simple things? We can learn from these kiddos! :) Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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