Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Fish are friends, NOT food!"

Our New Classmate

This is Bob. He likes long swims around his bowl, being read to by third graders, and a calm, quiet classroom. Bob is the 22nd member of our class and my favorite student (don’t tell the others). On Tuesday, we had a VERY official vote to name our new friend. Quite possibly even more official than the upcoming vote on November 8th. After each student gave an idea for a name, the class narrowed it down to our top four choices: Beyonce, Harry Potter, Bubbles and, of course, Bob. The vote ended in a tie between Bubbles and Bob, shocking us all! After an official recount, the tie remained. We voted again, this time voting only for Bubbles or Bob. There was lots of persuasion leading up to the final vote. In the end, Bob won by two votes. Some call him Bobbles, which I think he rather likes. Feel free to come in and check him out!

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