Thursday, October 13, 2016

Harvesting Turnips

Our Three-Day Turnip Event…

For those of you who don’t already know, Y.E.S. has a wonderful garden. It is filled with lettuce, garlic, basil, pumpkins, carrots, cucumber, kale, potatoes and of course… turnips! (To name a few). We couldn’t let the cold Maine weather creep in before taking advantage of this outdoor space.  Last Thursday, our class took a visit to this amazing garden and harvested 9 and a half pounds of turnips! We donated five pounds to the cafeteria and decided to save the rest for a taste test. *Fun fact about Miss Frame: cooking is NOT my expertise, so I figured mashed turnips would be the safest bet. We spent our snack time on Wednesday learning how to peel and prep the turnips. (I’m sure you will have lots of eager helpers on Thanksgiving!) We then set the prepped and ready turnip pieces into the crock pot to cook for the day. Our plan was to mash them up and taste them at the end of the day. You may notice that the title of this post is “Our Three-Day Turnip Event.” If you guessed that the turnips were not ready after spending the day in the crock pot, then you were correct! Did I mention cooking is not my expertise? I wish I could say the kids were upset when I told them we would not be tasting that day, but they were overjoyed. Fast forward a day and the mashed turnips are ready to be tasted! This activity called for patience, teamwork, flexibility, and some bravery. The only rule: everybody had to try them. Watch this video to see what we all thought! There were many, many mixed reviews.

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